Match Rate Plus =(Merchant Services – Payment Processor)

MatchRate PLUS

To Enroll in this program, click here. Be sure to ALWAYS reference Agent/Promo Code: 19649

What is MatchRate Plus?

MatchRate Plus is a “Cash Back” Merchant Account Program (partner of North American BANCARD) currently serving over more than 125,000 satisfied business owners while providing them:

Guaranteed Lowest Rates + Cash Back Every Month (Receive 25% of the MACV !!!)
Lower Processing Rates & Fees — (They will provide client with a free cash back & savings analysis)
Ongoing “MatchRate” Guarantee
Terminal, Wireless, Point-Of-Sale & Online Solutions
Free processing equipment OR reprogramming
Cancellation Fee Reimbursement – (Up to $295 in cancellation fee assistance to help you switchover)
7 Minute “Paperless” Application
24/7 Customer and Technical Support
Maintain the most competitive rates available
Best in class support from a tier-one provider

Match Rate Plus

The Compensation Plan for MatchRate Plus?

For Referral Agents: 10% Monthly Commissions on the fees of ALL merchants referred.
For Merchants: 100% Processing Fee Price Match + 25% Cash Back EVERY MONTH for the life of the account.

How Do I Make The Account Lifetime Residual Commissions?

As a referral agent you simply become an agent, then refer businesses to the toll-free number who are interested in the “Cash Back” merchant account program. They have trained sales experts whom will take over from there and handle the ENTIRE sales process for you. (in other words, you simply need to get a business to call them. You don’t have to sale nor learn anything!) For each referred account, you will receive a one-time activation bonus plus a monthly residual commission totaling 10% of that month’s processing fees. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can refer and you set your own work schedule (e.g. part-time, spare-time or full-time). Commissions are calculated and paid monthly.

As a merchant you simply apply here or you can call them at: 800-518-9776 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm EST), and provide them with Agent ID / Promo Code: 19649 and they will walk you completely through the application, in which if approved you will have your current rates matched + become eligible for the the 25% cash back, which means you will automatically 25% or MORE than you were previously.

Does MatchRate Plus provide Marketing Materials?

Not only do they provide full marketing materials and training, but they also have ready-made postcards and brochures you can order from the backoffice which come directly from VistaPrint already ready just with your information added, branded shirts & pens, etc. etc. !!! VERY lucrative opportunity for someone whom takes it seriously.


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